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Statement of Qualifications

Creative Rail Solutions, L.L.C. was established in March 2009 to provide assistance to economic development agencies, railroads and industries that need assistance with rail infrastructure projects. We rely on the experience gained during more than 37 years of railway engineering, construction, inspection, maintenance and operations and on outstanding sub-consultants* and associates to provide the following services: planning for new rail facilities, assisting with due diligence related to site selection/acquisition, conducting track feasibility studies for Industrial Parks and other industrial sites, developing track concept and detailed designs, coordinating with railroad engineering departments for approval of track layouts, compiling custom specifications for track construction, assembling bid packages, leading pre-bid and pre-construction meetings and observing and documenting the quality and quantity of contractorsí work.
  Railroad Trestle
Railroad Yard Switches  
2006 – 2008 Manager, Business Development/Project Manager
Crouch Engineering, P.C. | Brentwood, TN

A leading railway engineering company serving major railroads, short line railroads and industries that depend on rail transportation.

  • Achievements:
  • Developed strategic plans to identify likely prospects for inspection and design services; secured contracts on over 60 track and bridge projects.
  • Collaborated with design engineers to develop more than 40 concept and detailed designs, specifications and bid packages for new track and bridges.
  • Inspected railroad bridges in AL, CA, GA, NC and TN; documented conditions; determined priorities for repairs; authored reports.
  • Inspected track, documented conditions and calculated quantities of materials for design and cost estimates of rehabilitation programs.
  • Assisted clients with selection and orientation of contractors by leading pre-bid and pre-construction conferences.
  • Performed construction observation site visits to determine quality of materials and work, accuracy of invoices and conformity to general intent of plans and specifications.
1999– 2005 Chief Engineering Officer
Georgia & Florida RailNet | Albany, GA

A short line railroad extending approximately 250 miles through southern Georgia and northern Florida and serving a diverse customer base.

Responsibilities included supervision of signal, track and bridge inspectors, selection and supervision of contract maintenance forces, design of capital maintenance and rehabilitation programs, development of specifications for signal projects, concept design of new industry tracks, coordination of crossing projects with State and local governments and development of new rail traffic.

  • Achievements:
    Rehabilitated over 80 miles of track in GA and FL with Federal and State funds.
  • Successfully negotiated with FL DOT and local government officials for closure of several grade crossings.
  • Scheduled periodic internal defect rail testing and supervised replacements of defective rails.
  • Scheduled periodic dynamic load gage testing and reviewed results. Set priorities for repairs and programmed the necessary repairs.
  • Developed Roadway Worker Protection (49CFR Part 214 Subpart C) and CWR (49CFR Part 213.343) procedures for GFRR properties and secured FRA approval of the GFRR program.
  • Investigated derailments and other incidents and determined probable cause and reported findings to Operations Manager and General Manager.
  • Trained, tested, supervised and qualified track inspectors, signal maintainers, contractors and maintenance crew members in Federal Safety Standards, Bridge Worker and Roadway Worker Protection Rules and Railroad Safety Rules.
  Railroad Crossing
Railroad Crossing  
1991 – 1999 Vice President, Engineering
Gulf & Ohio Railways | Knoxville, TN
Responsibilities were much the same as above on railroads in AL, FL, GA, KY, MS,
NC and TN.

1989 – 1990 Roadmaster
Georgia Southwestern Railroad/Rail | Texas
Responsibilities included ensuring the proper maintenance and safe operation of track, bridges (including one drawbridge) and grade crossing signals. Trained, tested, supervised and certified track inspectors, signal maintainers and maintenance crew foremen in FRA Safety Standards. Investigated derailments, determined probable cause and reported findings to the General Manager. Conducted annual bridge inspections, determined repair priorities, and planned and supervised repair activities. After a major regional flood in 1990, evaluated conditions, developed plans and directed extensive repairs to washed-out roadbeds, culverts and bridges.

1976 – 1989 Track & Bridge Supervisor
Norfolk Southern Corporation | Various locations
Responsibilities included basic track and bridge inspection and maintenance in classroom instruction and field training with experienced inspectors and supervisors. Maintained the structural integrity of track, bridges, trestles and culverts by conducting thorough inspections and carrying out the required remedial actions with company and contract forces. Also constructed new trestles, replaced failing culverts and maintained company buildings.

Education and Industry Associations

  Railroad Track
University of VA/Georgia Institute of Technology
BSCE Degree 6/12/1976
Engineer-in-Training Certificate #6069 7/14/1976
Institute for Railroad Engineering 2/2-6/1987
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Operations Managers Safety
Training with Audit Training 2/29-3/1/2000 (1.1 CEU)
President Georgia Railroad Association 2003-2005
Associate Member and Speaker Georgia Railroad Association 2009-2010

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