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Pre-Qualifying Potential Sites for Track Construction
Since we base our designs on 40+ years of railroad operating and engineering experience and our familiarity with current railroad design and construction standards, we are able to develop track layouts that satisfy railroad industrial development managers and engineers with a minimum of do-overs. We encourage our clients to have potential sites evaluated and qualified for track construction very early in the site selection process even if the sites are located adjacent to an active mainline because each railroad establishes design and operating criteria that must be followed in order to obtain a “will serve” letter or similar assurance of rail service to the site.
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Track Inspection Philosophy and Procedure
Railroad Tracks
Creative Rail believes that a reliability-centered program of inspection and maintenance is the best approach to maintaining the safety of industrial track systems. To insure objectivity, a qualified, independent third party should conduct the required periodic observations, measurements and tests and recommend the appropriate remedial actions. Special inspections should be performed whenever extreme weather or other conditions warrant.
Creative Rail recommends a monthly walking observation of the intra-plant track and switches in all facilities where hazardous materials are transported in rail cars. Track facilities that do not load or unload hazardous materials may be inspected quarterly if conditions permit. During each regular assessment, we collect and record data on track gage, cross-level and other critical dimensions so that conditions can be analyzed and compared periodically. In addition, we operate switches and derails through the full range of motion to detect any deficiencies or developing problems. Notable conditions are compared to established track safety standards and best practices and appropriate employees are notified in all cases where immediate action is required.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Higher track system reliability and improved plant efficiency.
  • Increased employee morale based on the understanding that essential systems are being closely observed and maintained to high standards.
  • Reduced potential for track caused derailments.
  • Improved relationships with railroads, suppliers and customers due to optimization of plant safety and efficiency.
  • Reduced expenditures for unexpected track and bridge maintenance.
Implementation Plan
Creative Rail employs the knowledge, techniques and strategies learned over three decades of increasing responsibility for track inspection, maintenance and engineering to conduct the necessary assessments, find defects and noteworthy conditions, recommend remedial actions and provide budget estimates for maintenance activities.

Particular attention is paid to track in curves and switches which often develop problems before tangent sections of track. All defects are marked in a manner agreeable to the track owner, recorded on an appropriate form and photographed if desired. Conditions that should be monitored are also noted and photographed. Within two weeks after each inspection, a written report is forwarded to the track owner. Conditions needing immediate attention are reported to the appropriate employee upon detection or as soon as possible.

Creative Rail has the resources necessary to provide the recommended assessment of the condition of the track, switches, and roadbed and drainage facilities. We possess the necessary understanding of current track safety standards and have the ability to detect deviations from the standards due to an extensive background in railroad maintenance and inspection, previous responsibility for training track inspectors and qualifying personnel in Federal Railroad Track Safety Standards,. We have the tools and knowledge required to measure critical dimensions properly and the judgment to accurately analyze track conditions.
Railroad Inspection

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